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As a new resident on the Costa del Sol it is important to come across professionals with strong local expertise, depth of knowledge and well established relationships; people you can trust explicitly and, above all, who are honest. We believe that when it is about money issues and financial matters, it is always better to consult someone with a lot of experience and who is a local employee.

This way you can establish a close working rapport with our Financial Advisor who, by providing you with a very personal and reliable service, will understand your needs and be in a position to advise you accordingly.
We are not a “flash in the pan”, but a serious way you can count with. Our clients´ relationship and Business are built on mutual confidence among many years.

When foreigners move to the coast and do not have a proper command of Spanish it is important that they are directed towards local authorities, consultants, banks and agencies who have employees who speak their own language – all of which we can recommend. We firmly believe in the importance of long-term relationships built on mutual trust, confidence and absolute discretion.

So we hope…

… To be given the opportunity to help you in the same way that we do for many other foreign residents on the Costa del Sol.

As a client, we offer you:

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Private Investment
John Frank: +34 696 28 67 22
David Langmaack: +34 658 34 36 74
E: office@privateinvestment.es

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Monday – Friday 9:30 am – 14:00 pm

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Please contact us for a meeting either in your home or in our office.

Welcome to 30 years of experience.

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